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Global Ministries

Roatán, Honduras

Justin and Ashley Guest are missionaries in Honduras. Learn more about their next journey in Roatán.

'We are preparing to serve on the island of Roatán, Honduras, with our sons Micah and Isaiah. Punta Gorda, the community where we will serve on the island, is affected by broken families, promiscuity, drugs, and a lack of God's direction. Approximately one in four people in the community have contracted HIV/AIDS.

The community was formed when approximately 2,000 African slaves were left on Roatán by the British. They settled on the island, and the Garifuna people are there to this day with their own language and culture.

We plan to train churches and community leaders to reach children and teach them about God's love for them in a way they will understand. We are also raising support to renovate a building into a community center, which will serve as a safe place for kids to hang out and as an outreach opportunity. Through the center, we plan to offer discipleship, computer, and English classes and mentoring and homework help as we create a refuge and alternative to the streets.'

Our Sister Church

We have a sister church in Tula. We support them any way we are able-spiritually, emotionally, physically. They have a family camp (Altera) each summer that we have sent volunteers to help with in the past and hope to do in the future. That is one activity we work to help them facilitate in their community. We always keep each other in our prayers and enjoy any fellowship opportunities that might come our way.

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