The Harpeth Choir

If you are curious about what choir looks like in 2020, please reach our to the office.

The choir at Harpeth Presbyterian Church is open to any person with an interest in singing and worshiping through music. Our choir director, Mary Biddlecombe, makes music learning fun and interesting, all the while maintaining an organized and fruitful rehearsal environment. The Harpeth choir is also a healthy spiritual environment, encouraging a strong bond of fellowship through music worship. No audition is necessary to participate in the choir, simply come for rehearsals.

The Harpeth Children's Choir

The children's choir at Harpeth Presbyterian Church is open to any child with an interest in singing! We do a variety of things in rehearsal including learning and singing worship music for children's services (usually once every semester), playing tone chimes, and learning to read basic elements of music. It is our hope that members of the Harpeth Children's Chorus will develop an early interest in music making, and become lifelong singers!