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Session Members

ADULT MINISTRY                                                   Ray Scheetz

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY                                        Anna Groos

CONGREGATIONAL CARE                                    Laura Dreher

PERSONNEL                                                              Tom Giere

SERVICE & MISSION                                              Mary Keown

BUILDING & GROUNDS                                        David Short

PLANNING & FINANCE                                         John Mitchell

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH                                       Lee Boone

YOUTH MINISTRY                                                  Amy Childs

WORSHIP                                                                  Janet Butler

                                                                                      Anna Allen

PRIESTLY MILLER BOARD                                 Jennifer Bent

SESSION CLERK                                                     Brad King

TREASURER                                                            Sue Veith

What is the Session?

These groups of elders make decisions for the local parish through a ruling body called the Session. The members of the session are the pastor (Teaching Elder) of that congregation, and the other ruling elders (sometimes called "lay elders"). Elders are ordained for life, so if they are subsequently elected or appointed to Sessions at later points in their life, they are inducted, there being no second ordination. In most denominations, the pastor serves as Moderator of the Session and thus convenes or presides over the session. All elders have an equal vote in the session.

In the Polity of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the pastor and associate pastor have a vote as members of the session on any and all matters. However, the pastor will often refrain from voting except in tie situations. The Pastor is not a voting member of the congregation.

Clerk of the Session

The person who takes minutes for the Session and maintains all of the church's ledgers of membership, births, baptisms, deaths, and elders is known as the Clerk of Session. However, the role takes on a special significance well beyond its stated duties. In leadership and influence across the congregation, the Session Clerk is a partner with the Minister and often speaks for the Congregation and Elders in offering words of guidance and encouragement to the Minister as well as being the key to marshalling resources and support to implement the Minister's projects.

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