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Harpeth History

Harpeth Presbyterian Church is the oldest institution in the area that would be historically known as Beechville. Founded in 1811 just steps from the Harpeth River, now part of Brentwood, Harpeth Presbyterian was 65 years old before the first post office address was established in Beechville.


 Samuel McCutcheon had built a meeting house on his property on the north side of the Little Harpeth river and near the fording place. 


Harpeth Presbyterian Church was organized by pioneer Presbyterian missionary Gideon Blackburn who moved through our region organizing churches.  The church now being an official entity, McCutcheon deeded the log structure and the land on which it stood to the congregation.  The log house of worship with its shady front yard offered shelter to weary travelers.


The present brick sanctuary was begun using bricks made on the farm of Robert McCutcheon, one of Samuel's sons.  It is thought that the pulpit not including the rostrum or the paneling behind it may be the original.


Harpeth came under the wing of the Presbytery to receive support that would allow it to grow into a church focused on the needs of the coming suburbia.  Rev. Priestley Miller became the first full-time minister.


Renovation resulted in the two-story addition that wraps around the rear of the original building.


The vestibule and bell tower were added in the front of the original sanctuary.


The free-standing building was completed with the addition of two stories of classrooms behind the fellowship hall.


Priestley Miller Preschool was organized.


 A gym and kitchen were attached to the educational building.


 Restorations to the historic sanctuary brick were completed.

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